Why you want to become a Certified Human Resources Manager

I want you to become a Certified Human Resources manager because the profession of Human Resources Manager is interesting and dynamic.

Every day some different cases and tasks require not only a timely solution but also to consider the problem from different points of view. It attracts attention to detail, analysis of the situation, and making the best and most complex decision that satisfies all parties.

Certified Human Resources Manager is a profession closely related to people, their relationships, and their problems. It is an ability to protect the interests of the company, but also of the people who work in it. A profession is important to every employee in the company.

In the HR expert, they need to see a person they can turn to for advice – professional and personal, a person who will understand and assist them in the best way, to see and develop their qualities and professional growth in the company. This position requires good communication, objectivity, professionalism, and humanity in one.

The organizational skills of the HR specialist are extremely important. He must be able to manage people, both individually and collectively. The success of a company also depends on it. Not only to select staff but also to provide them with a good environment in which to have the desire to work, develop and build on their success. HR managers are expected to understand the logic of the whole business process, to know the company well, and have a vision of how to most effectively use human resources to achieve the goals of the organization.

My motive for choosing to develop in this profession is the dynamic and unpredictable work atmosphere. The opportunity to communicate with many people, to try to find the best solution in a given situation, to participate in the process of staff selection, and the development of these people over time.

Since I graduated from PR and for 12 years I have been engaged in this profession in an extremely complex and tense situation – politics, in the profession “Certified Human Resources Manager” I see a chance to use the knowledge and experience gained during these years. This is an area in which I can not only develop, but also discover new horizons.

Which HR management certification program did you choose?

I chose BVOP Certified Human Resources Manager because I think BVOP views are as up-to-date as possible. I have already read the entire BVOP Guide several times. I successfully passed the mock exam for BVOP Certified Human Resources Manager and I am ready for the real certification exam. I follow Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd and their business philosophy.

What qualities or skills do you think will be useful in this job?

One of the most important qualities of this profession, in my opinion, is to be organized. The work involves a lot of documents, process tracking, and consistency in decision making. The organization of all this is a key moment for successful coping with the set tasks.

Correctness and accuracy are qualities that more and more companies value and look for in their employees. This builds trust between people and is a key element in the relationship between them.

Human attitude, accessibility, and discretion – are mandatory for the profession “Human Resources”. One spends more time at work than with one’s family. If he does not feel confident, appreciated, or calm to be able to share his problems, worries, or desires for future development, it will be difficult to show his capacity.

Politeness and friendliness are no less important for this profession. Since it involves communicating with many people, the person who greets you or even talks only on the phone must approach you with respect and a smile. It is much more pleasant and soothing.

Everyone makes mistakes, but it is important to be able to hear the recommendations, admit our mistakes and learn from them. This is extremely important for people who have the desire to succeed and improve themselves.

What qualities do you think will prevent you from doing your job well?

The Certified Human Resources Manager profession requires patience, and I am not one of the most patients. I want things to happen now and immediately. I try to work on this disadvantage, think things through better, and not make impulsive decisions. I have a change in this direction, but it takes time.

Knowledge of a language is extremely important, not only for this profession. This is an area where I have not developed enough. I intend to enroll in a course in the coming months to improve my level.

Honesty and straightforwardness are good qualities, but sometimes they interfere with work. People prefer to listen to beautiful words than to look things straight in the eye. My work in politics has taught me to be more restrained, more careful in my speeches with people, and to judge when what I can say and share.

I have almost managed to deal with this problem, although there are always situations in which a certain reaction can be provoked.
Trying to change your qualities is a complex and long process. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to change something in ourselves, it is difficult and almost impossible. However, we cannot escape our essence. But it doesn’t stop us from trying and realizing where we want to go.

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  1. I wish to study Human Resources for the following reasons:

    I like to communicate with people and I’m good at it. I am an internal auditor by profession and I can think analytically. On the other hand, I am a creator. I write fiction (life stories) and in my works I create a variety of characters, which gives me the opportunity to develop and consider different patterns of behavior, motives to act in one way or another.

    Thanks to the accumulated experience as an auditor and the one in the field of literature, my ability to analyze and evaluate people and their behavior is constantly developing. Human Resources professionals are the ones who help job seekers find the best, most suitable place for them, according to their knowledge, skills and desires.

    Each of us spends most of our time at work. When a person has found his place and develops in the profession that he is devoted to and likes, he is much more motivated and dedicated in what he does. The results he achieves are significantly better than those of a person who works in a field he does not like or is indifferent to. The most valuable resource for a mine is human.

    When the positions in it are filled by the right people, it develops and grows much faster and achieves its goals much more easily. Helping people to realize themselves professionally in the most suitable way for them would bring me great satisfaction.

    Skills that will help me in this job:
    Excellent communication skills;
    Ability to work in a team;
    Ability to work independently;
    Persuasion skills;
    High level of time organization and ability to prioritize tasks;
    High motivation;
    Attention to the details;

    Skills that I think would prevent me from doing my job well:

    Lack of confidence in my abilities – To become more confident in myself, I need to try to be less self-critical. To achieve this, I should direct my attention not to the omissions and mistakes that I sometimes make, but to everything that I manage successfully. Another thing that would be useful is to set myself small challenges with the performance of various tasks, including ones outside of my usual daily life, which will involve improvisation and creativity to some extent.
    Changing such a restrictive attitude, built up and reinforced over years, takes a longer time. Estimated time to achieve the desired goal – about six months.

  2. I am a first year student. It has not been long since I decided that I wanted to develop in the field of Human Resources and chose my undergraduate studies to be in this field.

    My motivation behind this decision was largely fueled by the global pandemic that has erupted worldwide, and which has resulted in mass restrictions and limiting people to face-to-face contact.
    By then I was studying systems programming and was just at the point where I had to decide how I wanted to continue my education after high school.

    This pandemic made me realize how important contact with people is for me, I thought that in the next 45 years I don’t want my daily life to be constantly working with programs and endlessly writing code. I realized that I wanted my profession to be directly people-oriented and I thought that there is no role that fits my ideal of career development better than a position in the field of Human Resources.

    I define myself as a person who is very people-oriented – I believe that I can listen to the one who is opposite me, get into his situation and offer optimal options for solving the problem. I think I can go deep into what is being said to me and find the hidden meaning in the words and behavior of my interlocutor. I’ve only recently been involved in recruiting, but even in this short period, I’ve learned a lot about the psychology of communicating with candidates and how a resume should be viewed.

    I have always had anxiety about speaking in front of a large audience. I think this is my biggest weakness at this stage, and that’s why when I have to give a presentation or present a project, I pay special attention to my behavior in advance.

    I believe it is very important exactly how one will speak in this type of situation and it is essential to find a way to hold the attention of the listeners and not lose personal contact with the group.

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