Why do you want to study project management?

Many people want to learn project management today. The profession of project manager has gained popularity in recent years, mainly because of the multitude of software projects and a large number of new companies.

We share with our readers an interview with a project management student. James is currently preparing extensively on the BVOP sample questions in preparation for passing the project management certification exam. Reference: https://bvop.org/posts/examtestquestions/

Why do you want to study project management, what makes you ambitious and motivated?

The ability to initiate, lead, manage and complete projects is among the key “hard” skills these days. Every successful venture, product, service, or result around us is inherently a project, even if sometimes project managers don’t realize it. Reference: “Why do you want to become a Certified Project Manager?“, https://bpedia.org/why-do-you-want-to-become-a-certified-project-manager/

We are project managers daily – from planning our working day to booking the family holiday and all the accompanying organization, through larger and long-term projects such as buying, renovating, and furnishing the dream home, starting an entrepreneurial project, educating the children, and even this course to gain new knowledge and utilize it in a new profession, a new venture or simply a better understanding of the business world.

Having the theoretical knowledge and framework of how to initiate, plan, execute and complete a project, I would have a better understanding of how each business works, contribute to my greater cross-functional effectiveness and even participate/ led a formal technical and/or business project. Adaptability is among the most valuable qualities in a person, and knowledge of project management is a step towards a more effective adaptation to the rapidly changing world. Reference: “Do you need project management certification to start working as a project manager?”, https://www.muzonet.com/do-you-need-project-management-certification-to-start-working-as-a-project-manager/

What qualities or skills of yours do you think would benefit you in this job?

I believe that a successful project manager must be able to balance well the interests of all parties involved. To have a high level of empathy, while at the same time being able to “sell” his ideas. To have impeccable business communication, and social skills such as active listening, and critical thinking and can “clothe” his thoughts in effective verbal communication.

As a trader, I have developed these qualities for many years and I believe that they are a good basis for my professional development in the direction of project management.

Which habits of yours will hinder you as a project manager?

A project manager must always be objective and act rationally rather than emotionally. Must have the necessary patience and the ability to delegate. For a long time, I have struggled with having more faith in other team members, being a little more patient, and acting after thinking, breathing, and analyzing the situation from all angles. This dynamic world implies rapid assimilation, sifting, and filtering of information.

At the same time, however, narrow professional competencies such as project management require some depth, more serious depth, and time to test new knowledge and skills in a real environment.

My plan for removing obstacles to my career as a project manager

Lack of time for a project management course

More efficient organization of everyday life. Fixation of deep learning time dedicated solely to the course and without external irritants – phones, television, children, household or office work. The deadline is the beginning of the course because organizing time for quality study is the basis of good learning. Reference: “Presentation of a certified project manager to stakeholders”, https://www.islandjournal.net/presentation-of-a-certified-project-manager-to-stakeholders/

Lack of mental capacity

Creating better focus and the right personal perception of why this skill is so important to me. I have noticed that a person finds/creates capacity when he has an interest in the new endeavor and/or when he realizes the benefits of acquiring new knowledge and skills. The plan here would be to clearly define the goals of completing the course and the benefits of the new skills – more effective participation in relevant work and/or personal projects, a clearer understanding of the business world, and even a shift in professional focus to project management. More on the topic: Reference: “How to become a project manager without experience?“, https://customer-service-us.com/how-to-become-a-project-manager-without-experience/

The deadline would be the first few days of daily purposeful work because in the absence of capacity the knowledge would be superficial and without lasting effect on the fulfillment of the set goals. 08/16/23 is a good deadline for a change in perception and “finding” mental capacity.

Lacks of patience

Any new skill takes time to master and apply with confidence. Water breaks through the rock not by force but by persistence. Patience and the ability to wait for the natural course of an event or process are cultivated with proper perception, focus, and understanding of the big picture. Meditation and a good book in this direction would lay a good foundation.

The deadline here can hardly be defined as it is a living process. Assigning an initial term, on the other hand, would give an impetus in the direction of improvement.

Difficult delegation

The saying that a wolf’s neck is thick because it does its work is not quite true. We are social creatures, we work in groups and teams, not to mention that this is necessary due to the different competencies of everyone in the organization.

With a clear definition of responsibilities and an end goal, the delegation of tasks should have a positive effect on the speed and quality of any work, including the successful completion of a given project. In theory, I understand it perfectly, in practice I find it a bit difficult. When a person tries to control everything by himself, he controls nothing.

The key here, in my opinion, is clearly defining the responsibilities, the result, and the reason why it is delegated – the rest is a matter of open communication and analysis of the results.

One reply on “Why do you want to study project management?”

  1. In general, my most positive qualities are upbringing, organizational and communication skills and determination. I also have knowledge in the basics of marketing (I am well aware that marketing and product management are separate things), which will also be useful to me. I also learned to prioritize tasks – which are urgent, important, medium or low priority. This way, the whole team knows where to focus their efforts. Often, when I have a task set, I cannot sleep until I am sure that I have completed it to the best of my ability. In particular, the biggest plus in the particular company is that I know the product very well and can almost always offer users a solution to a given problem. I have always had good, even excellent relations, both with colleagues and management, as well as with clients, regardless of the field of work. As negative qualities, I would point out that it is very difficult for me to say “No” and that I tend to compromise. As I have already mentioned in a previous assignment, I am taking the position.
    Expert technical support. When I communicate with a client who wants something that is not legally justified or desired only by him, I used to always agree. Now I have learned to argue, to offer possible options and to refuse. It is still quite difficult for me, but I am working hard in this direction. Another minus, specifically in the field of electronic services, is that I have no idea about programming, and how long it takes to “code” something. Here, of course, comes the communication with my colleagues, as based on their feedback, I will be able to estimate how much time and what resources will be needed to develop a new or improve an old functionality.

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