Responsibilities of the Product Owner – Questions and answers

What are the most important responsibilities of a Product Owner role?

Of all the modules listed, I would say the most important are: have a product vision, maintain and prioritize Product Backlog

Who is the leader at Scrum?

Product Owner because it has a key role to play in building the product and developing it by prioritizing everything that will bring value

What does the value of the work done mean?

Work has been carried out on product-related tasks, with the highest priority over its overall development.

What is User Story?

Purpose / Desire of stakeholders for the product [most often an informal and brief description of any consumer need], which is written in a way that is understandable to all parties.

Why might User Story not mean a task for team members?

Because User Story can be a big task, it understands sub-tasks that are entrusted to different people. Ie, basically, the ultimate goal is one, but it depends on many different items that have to be completed (otherwise, the ultimate goal will not be achieved).

What possible initial startup can the Product Owner role and stakeholder fulfill and why?

(Together with stakeholders) Categorize and prioritize backlog items

What are the responsibilities of the Product Manager role at Scrum?

In traditional product development, the Product Manager is the person who manages the product road map, advocates for the product, and represents the client of development workshops. The Product Owner manages (or as we like to call our own) the backlog, answers team questions about product requirements, conducts stakeholder discussions (Project Manager is directed outward to the customer, while Product Owner heads inward to the team). They both work with their teams every day to make sure the contents of the sprint are complete. Product Manager is also the name of the position itself, not just the role. In contrast, Product Owner can be managed by different people (talking about one person), as long as it fulfills the specific tasks that this role entails. Many times the Product Manager plays the role of Product Owner, but there is always only 1 Product Owner or 1 Project Manager).

What are the important knowledge and qualities of the Product Ounce Role?

Have an adequate assessment of the product and how it is positioned on the market (how it is built and developed)
Be able to evaluate and prioritize backlog items
Listen to the views of stakeholders and users
Be able to create quality / valuable User Stories

What is the difference between the value for the users of a product and the value of the product from the perspective of its owners?

Consumer value is related to how useful/convenient the product as a whole is to them; On the other hand, its owners measure the value of the product based on the revenue it brings to them.
How often should the Product Owner role guide the Development Team as to how they should do the job?
I would say extremely rarely (if ever). How to get the job done is the responsibility of the team itself. If intervention is required, it would be the responsibility of the Scrum Master to assist and guide the team in how to comply with Scrum so that their work is not affected by any problems/delays.

What does job prioritization mean?

Concentrating team attention on the tasks that are of the highest value to the product (and screening out important secondary tasks)

Why should the Product Owner role prioritize work?

Because it helps the product progress as quickly as possible while meeting the most important requirements from the point of view of stakeholders / or consumers (this, in turn, brings more value)

Why can stakeholders stop working on the product, given that the product is not ready for the planned work yet?

The product may have reached a point of maturity at which it meets most consumer expectations. And it may be related to the extra costs involved in further product development.


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