Project Management Certification Training Courses in Montreal, Canada

Prices and details for Project Management Certification and Training Courses in Montreal, Canada can be found below in the article. Let’s take a deeper look at the topic first. 

Project Management Certification and Training Courses in Montreal, Canada
Certified project managers enjoy more professional success

Project management is all about adapting to a fluid mindset, improving engagement and collaboration. Also, it is about conducting transparent business and adapting to the ever-changing market trends. According to the statistics, a project management certification opens a channel for a 20 percent higher pay rate. If you are a resident of Montreal, Canada, you are lucky for several reasons.

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However, most importantly, you are living in one of the most exceptional locations with abundant opportunities to advance your career, and one of the most profound tools among many is the project management certification in Montreal, Canada. 

We have prepared an insightful guide that will help you understand the how’s and why’s of getting the best leap in your career. 

 What makes Project Management so important?

Many inexperienced businesses start without forming project management soon to realize that they are missing the essential gear in the system. If you are wondering if you could brief your workers, the same and manage them all by yourself while fairing for your role in the company. Also, you would soon realize that it is one of the most significant inconsistencies you would encounter as a business owner. Project managers are a necessity for your endeavors. Moreover, they are a prerequisite for your entire business. A non-negotiable part of the complete ecosystem.

Furthermore, if you are someone who realizes the potential, you could be the next most coveted employee for a big company. As a project manager, you add value to a company. Moreover, across all domains and industries, you recognize your potential and ability to bring order to every organization. 

Project management certification with training courses in Montreal, Canada

There are several benefits of project management courses in high profile regions, including Montreal, Canada. Here are some of the main advantages of a project management certification to help you get a better idea of how you can become a great asset to every company.

  • Pursing a project management certification training course will teach you- how essential it is to set goals and commit to punctuality. You will be able to prioritize the objectives while also make the most of your time.
  • You will be ready to understand the immediate and future needs of your company. Also, you will be able to set budgets that are achievable for future projects.
  • You will learn to construct documents and build a solid portfolio that will help you grow further.
  • As a project manager, you can structure a reliable and industry-leading database and dashboards to track the milestone you have set or achieved.

Now you know that project management makes it easy to run a business seamlessly and capitalize on your goals. In that case, the real question is, where do you start?

It starts with a Project Management Certification Course in Montreal, Canada. 

Why should you take a Project Management Certification Training Course in Montreal, Canada?

While most professionals climb their way up the ladder through years of cumbersome service, you can reach the zenith by taking a reliable yet speedy ticket-project management certification in Montreal, Canada.

The benefits of project management certification in Montreal, Canada

  • Makes your portfolio stand out more among our applicants
  • It helps you get hired by the most heralded companies in the industry of your choice all around the globe.
  • A more substantial fulfillment of your business responsibilities and objectives
  • A project management course in Montreal, Canada sets you off with valuable career opportunities to advance your career.
  • Most companies and hiring managers consider project management certification as the CEO of all courses.
  • You get multiple opportunities to home your soft skills into hard talents with every project you undertake as a project manager.

Ready to kick start your career with a project management certification?

What does a project management certification in Montreal, Canada include?

Now, if you understand the potential that comes with a Management Certification in Montreal, Canada, you must be wondering what the next step is? The next step is to determine whether you qualify for the certification. The following section will give you a better understanding of the eligibility criteria and some further steps that you can take.

  • In a majority of scenarios, if you have a project-related background, you will qualify for a project management certification in Montreal, Canada without much deliberation. The key is to remain transparent and accurate while you submit your portfolio and experience records. Failing to do so is a severe ethical violation, but you are also chopping off the chances of qualifying for one in the future.  
  • The process of getting a project management certification in Montreal, Canada is straightforward. You begin by submitting your educational background.
  • Next, you need to take up a relevant project management course, but if you successfully have, you simply need to add in your diploma paper. It is noteworthy to mention that you will need to get the diploma papers attested to verify the credibility of the documents.
  • Finally, you must provide proof of 35-hour experience in professional development that is required to assess your eligibility for the exam.
  • After the scrutiny, if you pass the requirements, this marks the end of the audit, and you are ready to sit for the exam.

 Educational Eligibility Requirements 

 Alternative 1

  • High school diploma or an associate degree
  • Minimum 5 years of non-overlapping professional project management experience 
  • 35 hours of working on a formal project

Alternative 2

  • Bachelor’s degree or another equivalent course
  • Minimum of 3 years of non-overlapping professional project management experience 
  • 35 hours of working on a formal project

Alternative 3

  • Bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate program [GAC accredited]
  • Minimum of 2 years of non-overlapping professional project management experience 
  • 35 hours of working on a formal project

How much experience do I need to accumulate to qualify for the certification?

Experience is a critical factor in determining your eligibility for a project management certification in Vancouver. With a college degree, you must submit relevant documents stating that you spent 4,500 hours working on different projects. Another critical point is that all your projects must extend to a minimum period of three years.

In line with this fact, the requirements can be bifurcated into the branches, the first one is the amount of work in hours with a minimum of 4500 hours, and the second is the time spent in that niche with a minimum of 3 years. Hence, you must understand the importance of having an experience that does not overlap. To put things in a better perspective, if you claim that you worked on project 1 for one year and project 2 for two years, that does not justify your eligibility, since both your experience overlapped in time.

Another scenario that needs to be discussed is when you have less than four years of a degree. In such a case, you can still qualify for a Project management certification in Montreal, Canada, but the eligibility criteria increase further. Instead of three years of experience, you need to gain five years’ worth of experience and 7500 hours of project time. You need to make sure that during the time, when you were accumulating the experience, you have worked in line with the five established processes, which include Initiating, Planning, executing, monitoring, and finally closing.

It is not mandatory to stick with the five covenants for all your projects, but on the total experience, small segments of your time must fall under one of every category. Another point to note is that if you have work experience with over eight years of a gap at the time of the application, you will not qualify as a candidate for receiving a project management certification in Montreal, Canada.

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How much do project managers Earn?

The average salary of a Project manager in Montreal and all over Canada can be estimated to be around $80, 159 annually. In that case, the estimate depends on your qualifications and prior experience in the niche. Among many other gradations getting a project management certification in Montreal, is one of the most lucrative methods of advancing your career.

 What is the syllabus of the Project Management certification training?

If you are training to receive a project management certification in Vancouver, then your syllabus will consist of the following segments:

  1. Project initiation 
  2. Project planning
  3. Development – project cost estimation, scheduling, and budget
  4. Communication and staff planning 
  5. Project risk analysis and mitigation 
  6. Managing project procurement and creating new strategies 
  7. Control and monitoring of the project 

What is the format of the exam?

The project management certification exam is an adaptive test encompassing 200 multiple choice questions, out of which 25 items are unscored while 175 are scored. The exam lasts to four hours, and the passing analysis is executed through psychometric analysis.

A word of advice 

When you are contemplating your work experience to qualify for a project management certification in Montreal, Canada, you need to ensure that you have a certain amount of creativity that differs from the old school standard. Suppose you are unsure or worried that you might not qualify for the Project management certification in Vancouver. In that case, there are ways to make sure you catch the attention of the reviewers, such as an Associate degree in project management. Also, it is important to understand that planning is one of the most crucial steps in any career but creating actionable goals tops the list. One such goal which when acquired gives you the most lucrative career advancement is a project management certification.

The certified project manager role

As a certified project manager you will be able to offer the following competencies and skills to help the successful implementation of current and all future projects of the company:

Creating a project life cycle. This will create a clear picture of the analysis of the market and consumers, controlled implementation of processes for creating a product prototype, design, technical parameters, testing, processing, and more.
Analyzing and increasing the business value of the product by reducing surpluses in the organization and among the teams, optimizing the work process, and introducing innovations.

Ability to create scope of the project, which will help to better track the work process and requirements, as well as set goals and objectives.
Competence regarding quality control and management is an important process in every project both on the part of our company and on the part of the client.
Skills to create a communication plan. This is part of the work on a project, which plays a very important role in the effective implementation of each task. The risk of omission, lack of information, or wrong expectations on both sides is drastically reduced if there is a so-called communication plan in the daily work of all teams and the client.

Ability to create a plan for changes in the project. Vital to the project, its scope, and deadline.
Ability to create a human resource management plan. This would play a very important role in the project life cycle in case someone leaves the team or cannot work for some time. Such situations are commonplace and we must be prepared with a plan that offers an alternative for replacing team members in each situation. Human resources are one of the most important resources that any project has and must be managed smartly and efficiently.

Ability to create a cost management plan. Costs are a fundamental part of any project and without proper management, our project can be a loss at any point in the cycle.

Ability to create a risk management plan. The risk can be predictable or unpredictable. Such a plan would minimize the negative impact of potential risks in the future. This will be in the interest of all parties to the project.

Ability to create a commissioning plan. Controlling the individual processes and steps during commissioning would lead to better results, and in some cases to reduced production time, respectively, increase profits and add additional business value to the product.

Creating a diary with lessons learned. The experience of all team members is invaluable and should be stored and passed on to colleagues to increase team productivity and more successfully deal with all current and future projects.

Create a diary of team meetings and a daily diary. Tracking daily work, exchanging ideas and ways to deal with different cases would lead to a better consistency of the project. This type of information would be extremely important when making important decisions at a later stage of the project, at the stage of processing, or after its completion.


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