Presentation of the certified project manager to the team and stakeholders

Presentation of the certified project manager to the team and stakeholders

Every project needs a real project manager. The director or sponsor must present the project manager to the team and external stakeholders and give him authority and respect.

At some point, however, the project manager himself must take his path and deal with his team and other internal and external stakeholders.

In this article, we present a sample speech of the project manager.

A certified project manager is presented to the team and stakeholders

I am glad that we had the opportunity and managed to gather the whole team at the current meeting. We have already had the chance to meet each of you in person, so I will not use the time at the moment to share a lot of information about me.

I will start with the substance and the topic on which we have gathered today. I would like you to know that as a person, but also as an employee, it is of paramount importance to me that the work between us is team-based and transparent. The success of our common project, as well as the success of each of us, is based on teamwork. In their work, each of us is part of the overall puzzle with its essential importance for the overall success and each of you contributes to the overall development of our project.

As a project team manager, I want you to know that I rely on each of you, and of course, you can expect the same from me. I am a certified professional and I want you to know that I will lay a solid foundation and apply everything I have learned from my certification training. Reference: “The Truth About Project Management Certification”,

Having said that, I want you to know that there are always obstacles or problems on the road to success. As I said, teamwork and understanding between each of us is key to the success of our project and the success of ourselves as individuals. It is precisely these obstacles or misunderstandings on our path that must be cleared in their infancy. My experience shows that unspoken problems lead to irreversible consequences in the future. What I sincerely want to ask you today is to address any problems, questions, or obstacles that arise promptly to me or my colleagues so that we can work together to resolve them and avoid any misunderstandings or misunderstandings. Of course, if you have suggestions, opinions, or ready-made solutions to current problems, for us they will be of great benefit and importance. If any of you need project management training, I can appoint one by asking senior management to allocate a budget. Reference: “Choose the Right Project Management Training Course”,

I would also like to tell you that in the coming months I plan to organize a one-on-one meeting with each of you. Please each of you to think about all your worries and problems that he has or worries at the moment, as well as any suggestions or solutions to improve work processes. Meetings will be pre-arranged for a specific time range.
After the personal meetings, I will prepare an analysis and I will be happy to organize a general meeting to address specific issues, as well as I will expect from you suggestions for solving them. Depending on the results, in the future, we will consider options for different Workshops to work together on problem solving and teamwork.
If any of you have any questions or suggestions right now, I would be happy to discuss the end of the scheduled time for our current meeting. I remain available for any questions.


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The priority of the certified project manager

My priority will be to work together with our teams on your requirements for our project so that our project runs smoothly and reaches its business goals on all requirements. In the future, I will be responsible for all activities related to the project, as well as the first contact on the part of our company for any communication concerning our joint work. I will be happy to be involved in all internal communications related to our project so that I have access to the maximum amount of information related to your needs, requirements, concerns, or questions.

In a short time, I will prepare an analysis of the work of the team so far to present to you. I will appreciate the opportunity to organize a meeting to discuss the progress of the project so far, to consider our options, as well as to define your specific requirements or concerns, if any, so that they can be addressed on time. Expect me to make a list of all roles and positions in the project soon. Each project contains a list of stakeholders and participants and project roles. Reference: “The certified project manager decides the roles in the project”,

In case you have the opportunity for such a meeting, we would like to specify the contact persons on your part to whom we can turn for the various areas of our joint work. In case such a meeting is not possible, please continue the communication by email. As my main priority is the joint work between all levels of the organization, we need to have a list of contact details.

We will be happy to consider your requirements concerning our reporting to you as a client. I think it would be useful to look at and establish formal processes about the information on the progress of our project to be reported to you on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, according to your requirements for specific information and details. In addition to the formal documentation, I would like to propose a monthly meeting with representatives from our and your country to discuss the progress of the project, as well as to present your current requirements for changes or improvements so that we can respond promptly and take the necessary action.


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