Popular Human Resource Management Roles

Popular Human Resource Management Roles

Human Resources Management roles are diverse. The Certified Human Resources Manager is not the only HR representative. The hierarchy in this division is rich and often matrix.

In this article, we describe all the popular positions and positions of HR in modern organizations. We also mention the Certified Human Resources Manager below. However, we recommend that you thoroughly review all professional positions.

Proposal for the distribution of roles, assuming that the positions will not be aligned with those listed, but will be reassigned to these positions:

CHRO and Human Resources Director

CHRO and Human Resources Director – For me, these two positions can successfully overlap and be performed by the same HR specialist. Reference: CIO.com, https://www.cio.com/article/3256005/why-your-company-needs-a-chro.html

He must be responsible for supervising all aspects of the company’s HR area, have extensive experience in managing teams and budgets. To be a performance-oriented business leader and ready to take responsibility to support the organization’s workforce, while supporting its financial development. His actions and operations are essential for business development. Must upgrade existing programs. To lead long-term strategic planning, build systems of innovation and change initiatives that promote people’s productivity, increase the efficiency of the company as a whole and lead to cost efficiency.

General Supervisor and manager

Supervises and manages all processes in HR – administrative activities, talent search, training, and more. Develops comprehensive strategic plans for recruitment and retention (Reference: “Example of Human Resources plan of an IT / Software company”, https://www.islandjournal.net/example-of-human-resources-plan-of-an-it-software-company/), for benefits and benefits that are cost-effective for business, must keep pace with the latest industry trends and best practices. This role includes exceptional cooperation both with the board of directors/owners and with all colleagues and trade unions. Read more: “Human Resources Management Plan Example”, https://w-europe.org/human-resources-management-plan-example/ Davis Timothy, 2021 ISSN 2563-1527

Given this, I think that a candidate with experience in communication who can convey information without being refracted through different views and expectations would be supported here. He must be proactive, go beyond duties and can handle many tasks, as well as be able to influence other executives. Must have the ability to lead large groups.

The person who occupies it must be fully engaged only in the field of HR and must have more than 5 years of experience in this field, and he must be in management positions. Due to all the above, I dare say that for these two positions, a candidate can perform the two functions together, but he must have extensive experience in the field of Human Resources and their management. From the presented list, despite the rich experience of colleagues, I do not find CHRO and Human Resources Director in their face.

Certified Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager – here I think that Julia Smith, BVOP Certified Human Resource Manager, can be useful, as her position is entirely focused on managing the organization and implementation of the overall strategy for creating a positive image of the company. And the positive image of the company should leave a mark not only on the partners but also on the future employees. As a position that has experience in communication and providing various solutions, it would be useful in the field of Human Resources. Reference: BVOP, https://bvop.org/humanresources/

Management is not alien to her, although the activity is in a different field. The essence of the Human Resources Manager is precisely in the daily management of processes and tasks in the Human Resources department. Reference: “Get a Human Resources Manager certificate with a good training course”, https://eduwiki.me/get-a-human-resources-manager-certificate-with-a-good-training-course/

In order not to leave the position of Senior Project Manager of the Public Relations Department, I am proposing Laura B. for Senior Business Development Manager and HR Manager Assistant, because I believe that public relations are part of marketing. The latter takes care of the image of the product by promoting and advertising it, chasing profit, and public relations takes care of the company’s image, chasing reputation. The two processes, although looking different, are interconnected and inseparable from each other in my opinion. This point 3 is a departure from the main topic, but I think that also, it supports my thesis that the company will not need to fill a vacancy for Senior Project Manager Public Relations.

HR specialists and HRIS administrator

HR specialists and HRIS administrators – In my opinion, the two positions are interrelated. I propose Mariah Johnson, office administrator, who can provide support in a specific area, namely in the administration of documents – collection and ranking of documents from staff files, collection of sick leave, leave and their primary processing, collection of forms for working hours from different departments and their detection. The information is entered into specialized company software. Reference: “How to make a Human Resources plan for our organization”, https://mpmu.org/how-to-make-a-human-resources-plan-for-our-organization/

The HR Business Partner role

HR Business Partner – for me this position should be performed by an external organization because I imagine its activities exactly at the level described in the assignment – using HR Business Partner to open a new office in another country to take initiatives related to human resources there on the spot and know in detail many local features.

HRIS Manager and People data analyst (scientist) – Mark O’brian, Database Architect. Compatible items are offered to the organization by a software operating system that provides a database that is encrypted and provided only to users who need this information. The position is also responsible for maintaining and creating settings for working with this system. Such systems may be electronic payrolls, employee data, various platforms that contain personal and financial data defined by law as available to employers, platforms that analyze data from various employee surveys, certifications, and surveys. Reference: “Human resource management plan in project management practices”, https://bpedia.org/human-resource-management-plan-in-project-management-practices/

The role of the Certified HR Business Analyst

HR Business Analyst – collects and processes job data; wage limits; calculation of the degree of retention of employees; identifies labor market trends; evaluates the results of attestations of employees, making conclusions and recommendations; identifies the main reasons why candidates want to work for the company and vice versa. The incumbent must have in-depth knowledge in the HR field. Although technical skills are also extremely important, I believe that without solid training in human resources, I would not be a specialist. I do not think that there is a person from the above who can meet both criteria without the need for additional investment in training, which in addition to the financial part also has a time part.

“Describe to me also what each of the roles you mentioned should do and how exactly you will participate in all our HR processes and the relationship of positions” – as a partner in the company I have enough rights and responsibilities that allow me to participate in control throughout the HR process. I would add another importance to the HR Business Partner – the relationship between HR and the board, with which its control functions to ensure that the policies and procedures of human resources in the organization meet the needs, goals, and objectives of the organization and its management.


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