My first day as a project manager

The project manager is a sought-after profession that attracts many young professionals and experienced professionals. In this article, we share an example of the first working day of a project manager in a small company. The ideas were written by a true student majoring in project management.

Free preparation for the Scrum Master certification exam (CSM, PSMI, PSMII, BVOP)

Preparation for the Scrum Master certification exam usually takes a lot of time and expense. However, free online training can at least save you a considerable amount of money. However, you need to take the time. We present you with a large collection of questions that you will need to take your Scrum Master certification […]

BVOP Certified Project Manager Review

For those who still do not know, “BVOP Certified Project Manager” refers to a title that you acquire after successfully passing an online certification exam. This online exam is taken on the platform. BVOP stands out from the rest of the project management certification programs because it uses its own special Agile methodology.

User Stories Real Example. How to create user stories. Example of Acceptance Criteria and Definitions of Done

Agile product managers and product owners really need to be skilled in creating user stories. This real User Stories example is part of a project management course in which the creation of real User Stories is an important part of the training. Examples of Acceptance Criteria and Definitions of Done are provided with maximum realism.

Agile Project Management

Agile project management is widely used today and is the natural development of management practices. In the Everyday Project Management book by Jeff Davidson, the author explains the differences and some pros and cons. The publication is validated for accuracy by the PM.MBA and checked by an official representative assigned for our project management category.


Become a CERTIFIED Project Manager

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