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For those who still do not know, “BVOP Certified Project Manager” refers to a title that you acquire after successfully passing an online certification exam. This online exam is taken on the platform. BVOP stands out from the rest of the project management certification programs because it uses its own special Agile methodology.

The BVOP Certified Project Manager certificate
This is how the BVOP Certified Project Manager certificate looks like.

Before we move further, you must know the basics of BVOP. This is important because the BVOP project management certification is unique. “BVOP” is an acronym for Business Value-Oriented Principles.

The best thing about the BVOP methodology is that its scope is vaster than other project management programs. This methodology achieves that because it includes many additional principles, good practices, and recommendations.

Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd. created the BVOP management technique in 2018. Thankfully, the organization has published the BVOP Ultimate Guide. This guide contains everything that exists about the management of BVOP Ltd.

In addition to that, if you are a candidate for the BVOP Certified Project Manager title, this guidebook is the only regulated text that you need to know before appearing in your online certification exam.

The First Published Study on the BVOP Management Technique

In 2019, the first research on project management practices based on the BVOP management style was published. This report is titled as Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) by Marta Cooper. You can find this journal at that has the ISSN code 1941-8280.

Basically, in this report, an experiment is carried out where two teams are selected and assigned the exact same project. Both the teams are homologous, which means that that they have the same number of members and specialist-level professional skills.

The experiment was carried out for a total of 18 weeks. Finally, when the results came in, the team that followed the BVOP management rules finished 12 weeks earlier than the other team. This proved how efficient the BVOP system is.

Find more reviews on the website.

BVOP Certified Project Manager Reviews

Naturally, when it comes to reviews, you look for them on the organization’s website. The same came to our mind; however, we didn’t anticipate any authentic outcome. Looking for authenticity, we contacted a few people through LinkedIn, and fortunately, two of them connected with us.

With those individuals, we had a discussion about the BVOP project management certification and this entire program. To our surprise, their thoughts about the BVOP project management program were much better than we had expected. Receiving great feedback from two authentic sources made us even more interested in the program.

If you are interested in joining the BVOP certification program, you’re going to get a lot of incentives. For example, if you contact the BVOP team for admission details and ask for a price discount, they will immediately offer you one.

To motivate newcomers, the BVOP administration offers a promotional discount code. What’s more, it doesn’t even take a lot of time for you to get it. Right when you finishing creating your account, you will get the notification for your promo code.

That’s not it; you will also receive free trial exams after making your account. However, we recommend you to save these for later. Use them when you’re prepared for the exam and ready to test yourself.

In our opinion, the hardest part about the BVOP project management program is studying the BVOP Ultimate Guide. That being said, we have cracked the code for you and made it easy for you to pass the BVOP exam.

BVOP also updated its title concerning trademark releases. Change is small. You can find it here.

Passing The BVOP Project Manager Certification Online Exam

Passing the BVOP project management exam can be easy if you prepare in a systematic way. To help you out, we have tried and tested this method and done the math for you.

Of course, it’s not practical to study the BVOP Ultimate Guide all day. However, all of us can find 2 hours every day to read it. With 2 hours of daily studying, you can complete studying the whole guide in 60 hours.

The BVOP Ultimate Guide is easy to understand. Even if an educated person is new to project management, product design, or technical activities, he can understand the guide. When you think you’ve prepared enough, it’s time to take your mock exam.

You get only a few mock exams, so make sure you use them wisely. Here’s a tip: there’s a big chance that you’d fail in your first, but don’t get demotivated. Instead, see where you stand, and prepare accordingly for your next mock exam. Here’s another tip: the questions can be tricky, so read them carefully and thoroughly before answering.

If you prepare as we’ve recommended, you’ll be ready for your actual exam after taking your final mock exam. Although the tension of the mock exam won’t be exactly the same as that of the actual exam for the Business Value-Oriented Project Manager (BVOPM) title, you will know how to handle it. After passing your certification exam, you’ll get your certificate instantly as it’s mentioned in the instructions.

All in all, we believe that BVOP — due to its strict criteria and high knowledge requirements — produces exceptional project managers. Sooner or later, we hope to see this effective methodology and certification becoming a major requirement for project managers in most organizations.


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Latest BVOP Certification Reviews

I am excited to share that I have successfully passed the certification exam for Certified Junior Project Manager. Big shout out to BVOP™ for providing me this great opportunity!

#bvop #certifiedjuniorprojectmanager #projectmanagement

Marta Sršan, Project Coordinator at the LLPA

Product management, project management and people management can not be underestimated in project execution.

I feel excited to have acquired a concise knowledge on how to identify and eliminate waste in project execution.

Thanks BVOP™ for the opportunity.

#projectmanagement #projectmanager #management #innovation #people #sustainability #leadership #productmanagement #project #collaboration #wastemanagement #peoplebuilders

Henry Amakhian, MIAENG, BVOP™PM

Thank you everyone for supporting Academic session and Professional Certification processes. Also #linkedinlearning

Big achievement in early Aug:
Scrum Master Accredited Certification (SMAC) International Scrum Institute™, Business Value-Oriented Project Manager (BVOPM) BVOP™, and finally the Certified Senior Project Manager (CSPM) then Certified Senior Agile Project Manager (CSAPM).

Least but not last, thank to IAPM International Association of Project Managers for proofing and recognition of thousand hrs Managing (Agile) Project!

#scrummasters #projectmanagement #seniorprojectmanager #senioragileprojectmanager #professionaldevelopment

Idha Sudianto

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